Meet Kathleen

I am an advocate for people with cancer.

As a nurse practitioner with 20 years of oncology experience and a cancer survivor myself, I know how challenging it is to translate medical-speak, research conventional and complementary therapies, ask the right questions, and make informed decisions about your care.

Together, we’ll create a plan and a light along the path

Receiving a cancer diagnosis turns your world upside down. You’re overloaded with information, everything becomes a time crunch, and you face major life decisions. You need sound, evidence-based guidance and support that empowers you to make the best choices for your unique situation.

Navigating Treatment

Centering around wellness education and support we will use integrative methods such as diet, exercise, and sleep to minimize side effects of treatment, as well as non-medical therapies that can alleviate feelings of anxiety, fear, and depression.


Helping you maximize limited time with your care team members, ask good questions, know when to seek a second opinion, and make informed decisions about your care.


Sifting through the multitude of information about traditional and alternative therapies to create a plan that’s safe, and right for you.


Developing a clear understanding of your diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan; expected impacts on your health and well-being; and how to mitigate side effects.

Support is one click away.


“The past 2 weeks have been very trying for our family but your remarkable kindness and support has eased the way. Thank you comes far from representing what you have meant to us. We were blessed to have you near us throughout this and each day you touch lives in a very special way. You are a godsent. We will never forget you.”


“Thanks for being in my life during these challenging times. You are so wise and compassionate, I am blessed to know you."


“I wanted to send you a big heartfelt thank you for all of the time you took with me last week. I really appreciate it. Thank you for being there for me."


"Feeling blessed for having connected with you."


“Thank you very much for all the valuable information you provided me today. You gave me a sense of calmness and feeling reassured."


“I am sure you are helping so many right now with your powerful message. I am privileged to be in contact with you. Thank you!"


"Kathleen is absolutely wonderfully informative, relevant, intuitive and well spoken”